About Us

Snehal Vashi, Chief Executive Officer

Snehal Vashi

Snehal is an accomplished senior technology executive with extensive product development and cross-functional expertise in strategic planning, product development, company operations, professional services management, sales, and interfacing with the investment community. He was previously a senior executive who created a self-service solution organization from ground up at Source Technologies while managing a turnaround of the existing product organization.

Snehal obtained an MS degree in Electrical Engineering from Clemson University in 1989 and spent the next 22 years building international award-winning products for various industry segments, beginning as a software developer at ZSoft, the original creator of Microsoft Paint and various graphics file formats. He went on to build and lead creation of various products at companies including DCA, SoftKey, MicroHelp and Simtrex. Snehal’s products have won numerous awards including PC Magazine Product of the Year, Windows Magazine Product of the Year, and Call Center Magazine Product of the Year.

Tom Lynch, Chief Marketing Officer

Tom Lynch

Tom has proven experience driving growth strategies for companies in multiple industries, with particular emphasis on strategic opportunities. He is currently an angel investor and principal in several technology companies including Reevex and Just One Golf.

Tom also serves on several corporate boards, including Henssler Financial, one of the largest independent wealth management firms in the Southeast with over $1.5 billion in assets under management, and Rover Apps, a provider of secure mobile data connectivity solutions.

For nine years starting in 2002, Tom was a key member of the senior management team that started Infor, now a 17,000-employee enterprise solutions firm with more than $2.5 billion in annual revenue. He held several key positions at Infor including chief marketing officer, chief technology officer, and SVP of corporate development. Tom played an essential role in over 40 acquisitions, providing product, market, and technical diligence that guided Infor’s M&A growth.

After attending the Alfred University Ceramic Engineering program, Tom spent 30 years in the technology industry, beginning as a sales rep at Lanier Worldwide and eventually founding two software companies during the 1990s. He is a featured speaker at numerous technology events and is a charter member of Georgia Tech’s Advanced Technology Center Founder Forum.