We have extensive experience in designing solutions to automate current physical transaction processes. Over the years, we have deployed thousands of financial transaction  kiosks handling cash, checks, credit and gift card transactions. We have created solid solutions that address the challenges and risks associated with managing customer-facing engagements.

Our solutions are located in a wide variety of locations including banks, credit unions, retail stores, government facilities and more.


The Reevex Dynamix Platform is a configurable software platform for building secure interactive self-service kiosk and mobile applications. The platform includes a complete toolset for the design, development, testing and maintenance of self-service applications. It is a highly flexible and scalable system designed to meet your current and future needs. The key features include:

Rapid development

Faster to market at a lower cost to you! Using the Dynamix App Studio, you will be able to design and create the workflow and the end-to-end user interface (UI) for applications for your mobile device, interactive kiosks, and signage.

App Studio allows you to visually construct a dynamic workflow using drag-and-drop tools. The tool then automatically generates the Web-based applications.

Easily customizable

You and your client needs are changing rapidly and you need a product that is able to adapt quickly and easily. The Dynamix Platform allows you to add new functionality and update existing design with minimal effort.

Multi-vendor Hardware Support

Dynamix is designed to accommodate rapidly changing technologies and eliminates the constraint of proprietary hardware solutions. Dynamix can be easily changed to accomodate new hardware components and is smart enough to maintain multiple devices on different kiosks.

Secure Platforms 

Because we’re focused on building payment solutions, we understand the demands necessary for secure solutions. We provide products which exceed payment industry compliance standards. We work with our clients to ensure best practices are followed throughout the payment process and that customer data is secured at all times.

Seamless Integration

The challenge of integration is made easier (and less expensive), because the Dynamix Platform provides communication with client back-end systems for access to external data to complete your transaction. The Dynamix Platform coordinates the actions of users, applications and devices in a threaded, real-time manner.

Remote Device Management

Red-SlimlineThe Dynamix Platform naturally provides exceptional vision and control of your application on your entire range of mobile and self-service devices. You have end-to-end exposure to each self-service component, including touch screens, printers, bill handlers and many more.

The application to remotely diagnose the health of the components enables you to update your applications and provides you with continual monitoring of your entire enterprise solution.

The power of the Dynamix Platform will improve your uptime, reduce your service costs and provide a much enhanced customer experience.