The Reevex team is committed to creating the solid and secure solutions for our clients. We are an organization formed by friends and colleagues who have known and worked with each other for over two decades. Our earlier endeavors include products you may use every day including Paint and UnInstaller.

We are committed to providing exemplary customer service by treating you with professionalism and respect. When you engage with Reevex, we will provide a clear plan detailing the entire process from conception to delivery.


During the project formulation process we evaluate your business requirements to provide sufficient granularity for the overall transaction. Core areas covered during the discovery phase are:

Transactional Behavior / Component Support / Integration to Back End Systems / Security / Data Storage / User Demographics & Language Support / Branding/Messaging / Reporting Requirements / Success Criteria & Metrics / Service & Support Plan

The key output from the Discovery phase is the project schedule and timeline.


REEVEX begins the design phase with the assignment of dedicated Development Engineers and Program Management personnel. Comprehensive system design deliverables are created and reviewed with the client, soliciting and integrating iterative feedback cycles, including the selected hardware vendor. This process results in a detailed Statement of Work (SOW), containing:

Full screen content narrative and navigation / Communication flow diagrams / Descriptive application user flow diagrams / Sample storyboard screen layout / Graphics / System remote monitoring capabilities, delivery points / Component interaction / Transaction processing provisions / Application-specific QA procedures / Refined program schedule and quote aligned with detailed scope

Upon completion and acceptance, the SOW serves as the mutually agreed upon framework for formal system coding to begin.


Following REEVEX’s delivery of the Beta Application, the formal client review cycle gets underway. This is typically conducted as a face-to-face meeting (alternately via web view). Together, REEVEX and the client conduct:

Comprehensive use-case scenarios / Complete transaction testing, validating component functionality / Full QA test, in line with procedures defined in System Design / Installation guideline review

Client feedback received during the development review is executed and retested until the entire application meets customer approval. The Release Candidate (RC) Application is then signed off by the client and becomes the Master Application Image.


Deployment can be executed independently, or by REEVEX professionals. Site preparation, installation, and on-site developer assistance are available turnkey services. The application development team remains intact to quickly resolve any post-deployment bugs that may arise. Post deployment support is an included service for an initial 30-day window following field placement. Application support service is available over the life of the project, and is contracted annually by clients.