Reevex is an expert in automating all types of transactions including cash, credit, debit, check and loyalty.  We have deployed thousands of self-service kiosks that reduce operating costs for our clients while improving convenience and satisfaction for their customers.

The Dynamix platform makes designing, piloting and deploying a payment solution easy and cost affordable. Since Dynamix is hardware agnostic, we can work with any combination of hardware components you desire.

Beginning with the Discovery Phase through the Deployment Phase, Reevex helps our clients create solutions designed to address their unique needs. Below are examples of solutions we’ve created for clients who demanded a proven and secure transactional platform.


BillpayAutomating the in-person bill paying process is one of our most frequently requested applications. Our clients are seeking to improve the efficiencies within their retail locations by using the kiosk to accept all payment forms. Our EMV and PCI Compliant solutions ensure your customer’s data is protected and secure at all times. The transactions we support include:

  • Cash Accept
  • Cash Dispense
  • Credit and Debit
  • Check scanning



Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to improve profitability within their branch networks. Reevex is leading the way with the creation of our Dynamix Branch Automation product line. Using our field-proven and time-tested product, we create a self-service application for your specific needs. We deliver self-service kiosk solutions which allow a customer to have access to all of their accounts (not limited to the ATM transactions) and support over 90% of teller

Generic Check Cashing


Some clients prefer a hybrid model that allows a supervising employee to monitor and engage customers in what is known as an assisted self-service model. Similar to the self-checkout experience at a grocery store, a customer is able to conduct their transaction, but a supervising employee is available should they have any questions or unique needs.

Video Conferencing can be included in either of the above solutions, or used independently. Having built a number of solutions for the Call Center industry, Reevex has the experience and know-how to create an easy-to-use and engaging customer experience using two-way video.


Whether you’re looking to automate a current process, or wanting to introduce a completely new concept, Reevex is ready to assist.  By combining our deep technical experience with the flexibility of the Dynamix Application platform, we are able to design creative solutions.

One of our most recent projects was for Just One Golf. Just One Golf’s mission is to become the leading technology provider in the Golf industry. Reevex built the gaming system that provides video capture and broadcast of the golfer and enables participation in competitive skill challenges such as hole-in-one and flagstick games where cash and prizes may be won. Check out their solution at


Using our proven platform, you can also leverage our expertise to expand your reach into the underbanked marketplace. We support the following transactions:

  • Prepaid Cards
    • Gift, Visa or MasterCard
    • Sign-up Issuance
    • Reloading
  • Check Cashing
    • Sign-up
    • Check Deposit imaging
  • Loan Payments
    • Insurance, Term Loans, Cash Advance and Payday Loans
  • Top-up Payments


We have developed several applications for the Corrections industry including Commissary Deposit Kiosk, Intake Deposit Kiosks and Probation payments. We free you from the reliance on expensive manual systems and reduce your staffing needs. We are able to support cash, credit, debit and check payments and post them to the inmate’s account.